Gobi: Stories & Sounds

AUTUMN IN THE GOBI (southern Mongolia)

Once upon a time…

The legend of "how the camel lost its antlers to the deer" narrated by a variety of people from poet Bat-Nyam to camel doctor Lovsan to an assortment of herders.

Gobi Legends: Bat-Nyam speaks

Bat-Nyam narrates "gazariin domog" (legends about the landscape) about Omningobi landmarks such as the ice gorge, the sand dunes, and a gold mountain which brought tragedy on Chinese miners.

On the Nature & Use of Camels
Assorted interviews on how camels are used and regarded in the Gobi.

Meet Demee and Saingerelt, who – among the two of them – milk twelve camels and sixty goats everyday and produce "ingnii aaruul" (camel cheese) that's been voted the best in Omingobi two years ago. What they do, how they met, their thoughts on autumn and their opinions on a range of topics from the US to socialism.

Sounds and Interviews about everyday life in the autumn: roping and milking goats; herding and milking camels and botogs (camel calves), making ingnii arrol, airag, nirmil and all kinds of dairy products.

Saina describes all the things inside the ger and how she uses them.

Meet the Animals
They name all their animals in the Gobi! Saina and Demee introduce a few of the goats and camels.

A stellar evening of song and poetry: first, songs with poet Myankhai and local singer Oyungerel; and later traditional "ortiin" songs with Ganbataar & Gantogtokh who stop by in their van to buy aaruul.

Gobi Waves
The staff of Gobi Wave radio describes their documentary programming and the issues they cover in the provincial capital of Dalanzadgad.