Bayan-Olgii: Stories & Sounds

WINTER IN BAYAN-OLGII (western Mongolia)

School Days in Altan-Tsougts
Off to school with Mongolian and Kazakh kids and their teachers.

At Home with Maika

At home with a Kazakh "soum" (village) family: Maika and Argan and their family of five who live in Altan-Tsougts.

Inside a Kazakh Ger

Aiotan describes his ger, his everyday life and offers up a Kazak song about mothers.

Paying respects

Sounds of Muslim prayers at a cemetery.

A Brief Visit with an Eagle

A Kazak eagle hunter introduces his eagle and describes how he hunts.

A Long Journey
Seventy-three year old Doldbai describes the overland journey from China in 1942 to the small hamlet of Aag Ahraal in Bayan-Olgii.

A House in the Woods

Meet a Kazakh family who live in the woods: Dalil Khan, his wife, Manar Bek and their three kids. Follow them as they collect wood, herd cattle in the forest, and describe making a new life in the hoodoo (countryside) only eight years ago.

Letters in song
Letters in song and prose from Bayan-Olgii to relatives in Ulaanbataar.

A Fine Evening Concert
Jaina Guul starts it off and everyone joins in – about ten Kazakh songs about love, homelands, friends and mothers.

A Neighbor Visits

Hoanbai stops by for some fine conversation about Mongolia, the US, and Iraq.

What was once a horse….
Slaughtering cattle and storing meat is a family affair.

Kazakh Radio Waves

Excerpts from a Kazakh Radio program broadcast everyday in Olgii.

What's in a name: Altan-Tsougts domog

Legends and songs about the village of Altan-Tsougts with Pharavdorj who's been collecting "gazariin domog" (landscape legends) since he was a child.


Kazakh toasts and customs narrated by Manar Bek, Maika and Argan on the departure of a visitor.